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About Sustaying

Sustaying Helps You To Discover Sustainable Stays


Founder Yvette van den Brand in Myanmar

About Sustaying

Sustaying is a travel guidance platform to find sustainable accommodation and learn about responsible travel. Our stays create a positive impact on their environment – this means caring for Mother Earth and the local community.

We ask guests to leave sustainability reviews after their stay, which focus on four different categories: Community, Environment, Planet, and Awareness.

Sustaying aims to be a conscious start-up, meaning it won’t accept any money from investors only looking for big returns. Sustaying wants to grow organically with the help of content marketing and (carefully selected) advertising, so we can stay true to our own values. Our goal is not to be highly profitable, but to help the travel industry become more responsible.

What is the idea behind Sustaying?

Traveling can be a great way to support a country if you make informed choices. But it’s hard to find out which places are owned by locals and are truly sustainable. After all, how do you know that the place you booked is not just greenwashing to attract more visitors? You’ll probably only find out after you have been there.

Many accommodations use excessive washing, plastic toiletries, and a lot of electricity. And most of their profits don’t end up in the hands of the local people. They take advantage of the location they are in, but don’t give back to the community to make up for their impact.

Lately, there has been a big growth in eco-lodges and expensive ‘environmentally-friendly hotels’, but these places are prone to greenwashing and require many pricey eco-certificates. Local lodging owners often can’t afford these labels and disappear under the big marketing budgets of the big players. Tourists often don’t realise the impact they can make by making more responsible choices.

By displaying honest reviews submitted by guests who have already stayed there, Sustaying provides the missing link of trustworthy information between discovering your sustainable stay and making the final booking. This way you are sure you support the right people and places with your money.

About the Founder


Founder Yvette van den Brand in Mexico

Sustaying has been developed and built by Dutch traveler Yvette van den Brand, who got more and more frustrated with the lack of trustworthy sustainable options when booking places to stay. After traveling full-time for over seven years and visiting more than 45 countries, she decided to follow her dream to create a positive impact on the world and developed Sustaying; a platform to help travelers discover truly sustainable stays.



My story and why I started Sustaying

In Sri Lanka, I stayed in this amazing local guesthouse a bit away from the main tourist destinations. When I asked the owner why he didn’t have more people staying at his place, he replied that he didn’t know how the internet worked and so he could never sign his place up online. I offered to help him and created an account for him on Booking and Airbnb. From that day his bookings started pouring in.

Years later I could never forget the impact I had made as a traveler by simply listing his place online and writing his first review. I traveled the world for many years and my best experiences were always with locals and away from the tourist trails. I wanted to make a positive impact on hosts like the owner of that little guesthouse in Sri Lanka.

So last year I created Sustaying. My dream for this platform is to make it into an online space where real sustainable stays (owned by locals) can be listed. And how do you know if a stay is really local and really sustainable? You ask the travelers that have already been there to leave a review.

No greenwashing, no expensive eco-certificates, no crazy booking commissions…just real opinions from real people. This way we can give exposure to stays that leave only positive footprints, for the planet and in our hearts 💚

Please help us grow by submitting your listings and reviews or by making a donation! “


We want to help travelers discover sustainable stays and become a more responsible tourist


Our dream is to educate hosts and travelers worldwide about responsible tourism, which means caring for Mother Earth and empowering local communities


Transparency is our most important value. Sustaying is guided by intuition and has a conscious approach to help tourism have a positive influence on a destination.

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Community Contribution



After answering each question during the review process, the system automatically generates a Sustaying rating for the stay.


We are still looking for a developer to create this system at the moment, so for the time-being we work with a simple star rating for each section. We will update this as soon as possible. Please get in touch with us if you can help!


How the stay interacts with, and supports the local community with fair wages and local projects.


How the stay takes care of the planet by choosing more organic & eco-friendly items


How the stay contributes to a better environment with green energy, water, and waste practices.


How the stay makes guests aware of their contribution to travel responsibly